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Characteristics of Memory Mattresses:

All Memory Mattresses have a particular ability to adapt to the body during rest because the heat stimulates the polymers that constitute it and make it more enveloping. The slabs that contain memory foam can come in different thicknesses and with different densities, and with different processes depending on how the mattress is made. We can talk about STRATI in a MEMORY, meaning the presence, inside the slab, of a number of MEMORY SHEETS of different thickness, with different density and different rigidity.

So not only Memory Foam but also other types of Memory among which we remind WATERLILY but just to give an example.

Processing of the memory slabs:

In this brief introduction to the Memory, we want you to see how a mattress contains different materials and different technologies. The provenance of the sheet does not involve only the origin of the material, but also the WORKINGS that have ennobled it. For example, the processes that intervene to improve BREATHABILITY are quite frequent.

We have memories that have the surface slab worked with TRI-DIMENSIONAL CHANNELS DIFFERENTIATED according to volume and area. The dispersion of the HEAT, in this case of the SURFACE heat, tends to PRIVILEGE a FRESH rest that recedes in a mattress more in line with the expectations of the people who suffer from the heat or who live in areas with high temperatures, even in summer, or in wet areas.

However, and they are frequent, there are workings that make the inner parts of the plate breathable with various solutions. Micro-pores, perforations, canalizations, etc., make the mattress a sort of gruyere, but, parallel to it, we offer it only because we like food, not because the comparison actually appears very apt.

Today, in addition to processing, the industry is relaunching innovation and proposing still different solutions, which go directly from the raw material, from the world of new materials. This is how Memory mattresses with naturally perforated sheets are born, in other words, it is not the mechanical treatment that makes them permeable but their very structure.

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